More Red Locusts and another album

Seems like there’s twice the amount of new music coming soon than was originally anticipated!

In a recent article on – an interview with Rick Springfield, John Waite and Colin Hay in advance of this summer’s tour – RS casually mentions that not only has he been working on songs for a new album (which he has mentioned in past interviews), but that he has a second Red Locusts album (with Matt and Gregg Bissonette) almost ready to go! What?! He’s certainly full of surprises.

Here’s what he said about these two albums:

We have a second Red Locusts [featuring Matt and Gregg Bissonette] album actually ready to go. We haven’t mixed it yet. But once we started, we couldn’t stop. It’s more Beatle-y stuff. But I have a new record that I’ve almost finished that is very, very different for me. Like John was saying, it’s very up. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s very hard to describe your own music, but it’s hooks, which I kind of center every song on. And it’s got weird production. I don’t know. You’ll just have to listen. You actually have to buy it and find out. Because there will be one copy for sale for $1 million.

Read the article here.

Speaking of the summer tour, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of “Working Class Dog” (which came out in 1981), I wonder what songs he’ll play off that album. Obviously “Love is Alright Tonite,” “I’ve Done Everything for You” and “Jessie’s Girl.” I’ve heard him play “Inside Sylvia” at the Stripped Down shows (on a guitar app on his phone). It’s such a great album, what would you like to hear him play live? I think “Red Hot & Blue Love” would be fun, as well as “Carry Me Away.” Maybe a montage of all the songs in the order of the album?

A copy of the original lyrics

Anyway, I just wanted to share this little bit of RS news in case you hadn’t seen the article yet.

Summer tour!

The big news this past week is that a summer tour is on!

The 18-stop tour celebrates the 40th anniversary of Rick Springfield’s Working Class Dog album and since the album came out in 1981, 2022 really marks the 40th anniversary of when I got the Working Class Dog album since I got it in 1982. (Though that of course is the unofficial RS Crush blog-centric version.)

The tour, which also includes Men at Work and John Waite, kicks off on the day before my birthday though the present of the actual concert comes to my city toward the end of August. But that’s OK, I’ve already purchased a ticket for myself as an early birthday present. Whoo-hoo!

Seriously though, it’s such a beautiful thing to see all those dates on the tour calendar knowing that RS fans will soon be coming together for communal celebration of music. (The 80s on 8 SiriusXM U.S. Summer Tour dates are listed here.) Our world has gone through such a tumultuous time these past two years and though there are many devastating things still happening, the healing power of music celebrated in one big room together is such a uniting feeling, and we can all use a little joy and positivity, right?

This past week, I attended a Billie Eilish concert with one of my kids (she is an INCREDIBLE performer, by the way, wow!) and to be in a packed arena filled with such love and positivity was so powerful and inspiring. And besides that still lingering pandemic dread in the back of my mind about being with so many people in one place, it was pretty amazing.

Looking forward to celebrating some RS music (and other feel-good 80s’ vibes) with you at the upcoming concerts!