Twisted version on Californication

This past weekend I discovered that Netflix now has “Californication” available so I found out which ones Rick Springfield was on and watched all four of them. He plays himself on the show, or as he describes it in an interview on Showtime, a “twisted version” of himself. And the character is quite twisted, very raunchy and narcissistic, always listening to his own songs and name-dropping his own name (throughout the show the other characters only use his full name). He also says in the Showtime interview that his character is a version of himself in his 20s and 30s when he was in the height of his celebrity. I’m guessing that it was a fun character for him to play.

It’s funny how the this whole crush-dom works. If that was indeed how he acted in his 20s and 30s – it would have been around the height of my RS crush (his early 30s). What would my 13-year-old self have thought had I met him then? (Although I’m sure he would have been very sweet to me at the time, as I was 13 with braces and not quite the groupie-type that he would have used his charm on). That personality type is a big turn-off so perhaps the crush would have ended at that point.

But in recent interviews, he seems very down to earth and thoughtful and not at all narcissistic or shallow. So the crush continues…

P.S. For those who are interested, the shows are in season 3 (2009): Verities & Balderdash, Glass Houses, The Apartment and Mr. Bad Example.




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