The character of Rick Springfield

Sideswiped smile

When I heard that Rick Springfield was going to play Rick Springfield who goes on a date with Rosanna Arquette’s character on the new YouTube original show “Sideswiped,” I wondered what the scenario would be. After all, as any of his fans know, he’s been married to his wife since 1984 and they have two grown sons. So why would he be on Tinder (or the celebrity version of Tinder, in the case of the show)? He better not be dissing his wife!

Then as soon as I watched it I realized that Rick Springfield wasn’t playing Rick Springfield who has been married since 1984, he was the Rick Springfield rock star character who has a 28-year-old ex-girlfriend and grandchildren. (As far as we know, RS is not a grandfather yet.) Just like the Rick Springfield in “Californication” was the narcissistic Rick Springfield character, not the rock star we all “know” and love.

Does he think of himself as Rick Springfield or Richard Springthorpe? Is “Rick Springfield” the rock star more of an on-stage persona? Many fans have said that in person he’s quieter/shyer than the rock star legend on stage (which makes him even more endearing, right?) How is he at home? All these things are NONE of my business of course, but I still wonder.

Anyway, I loved his character on “Sideswiped,” the vulnerable rock star that isn’t quite over his much younger ex-girlfriend. I enjoyed the character so much more than Dr. Irving Pitlor on “True Detective,” Lucifer on “Supernatural” or the demented Pastor Charles on “American Horror Story.”

I admit I only watched the fourth episode of “Sideswiped” so far, aptly titled “The Rock Star,” but I thought it looks like a cute show and plan to watch more. (Not the same with those other three shows mentioned above. I watch enough horror in the daily news that I don’t enjoy watching fictional horror.) The shows I’ve been watching lately are “Nashville,” which sadly ended this week, and “This is Us,” which will have its last season soon, too. I need to find another show soon so I have something to watch when I fold laundry. Any suggestions?


Rick Springfield on Tinder?

Sideswiped smile

What, Rick Springfield is on Tinder?

Before any rumors get started, he’s on Tinder the same way he is a creepy psychologist, a demented pastor and Lucifer – as part of a role. In real life, he’s a longtime married man so there’ll be no swiping right except for in your fantasies – and on an upcoming YouTube Originals show.

This announcement came today:

Here’s the official trailer:

Although my dating days were before swiping right was a thing, I’ve heard several Tinder stories from my sister and the dating site definitely sounds like good inspiration for a dating comedy series.

This multi-generational eight-episode comedy series about relationships and dating in the digital age is based on a true story from Carly Craig, who stars in the show.

A description of the show from Broadway World:

A lifetime of saying no has left “Olivia” single and miserable on her 35th birthday. This workaholic verging on a breakdown vows to plunge into the hellish world of Tinder by dating all 252 of her matches. She is spurred on by her sister “Jayne” – a young married woman experiencing a seven-year itch. The sisters are joined by their recently widowed mother, “Mary,” who is now also a part of the online dating scene.

RS has talked about wanting to do some more acting and this looks like the show was shot in Los Angeles (the Dodger Stadium sign sighting) so this was probably filmed between two weekends of shows because his tour schedule has been pretty heavy this year between the full band shows, the solo shows, the symphony shows, the ’80s cruise and “The Snake King” special performances.

Did all of that really happen this year? Wow, and there’s still half a year to go.

I am so glad that he’s not playing another creepy character. Or is he? Although he looks like himself in the trailer, he is playing a Tinder date, so I guess we’ll have to watch to see what kind of date he turns out to be in “Sideswiped” on July 25!

Aloha, let’s talk about dogs

Let’s take a break from the depressing lyrics and negative world view of “The Snake King” (as close to reality as it may be) for a moment to talk about dogs.

Rick Springfield Hallmark dog show

On Feb. 19, The Hallmark Channel will debut its first American Rescue Dog Show. And the ultimate dog lover Rick Springfield will be a judge. (Although he admits if it was really up to him, every dog will win simply because they’re dogs.) Check out the full interview here. I love how all the women on the show are gushing over him. Generations of women have a Rick Springfield crush. It’s also so cool to see the family photos.

This weekend RS is performing three shows in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ah, the life of a rock star. Hopefully he’ll find some time to relax on the island.

Speaking of Hawaii, RS was on “Hawaii Five-O” in 2011, playing a photographer, another role where his character met an untimely death – what’s up with that?

In other RS news, RS is in this week’s People magazine, “How Rick Springfield reconciles depression & suicidal thoughts with his love for his family.”

Also, Feb. 16 marks the Chinese New Year and this year is the Year of the Dog so it seems like it should be a good year for Rick Springfield.

Yes, that was Rick Springfield on ‘American Horror Story: Cult’




I don’t talk about Rick Springfield’s Dr. Noah Drake character very often because it was a long time ago and he moved away from that character a long time ago. But I did miss Dr. Noah Drake tonight…

Instead RS was Pastor Charles on “American Horror Story: Cult,” which is a horror anthology TV show and not something I’d usually watch. But I thought I’d give it a try tonight to see what RS’s character was like. IMG_20171024_222549

The episode, “Winter of our Discontent,” was creepy, as I had expected. I didn’t take a photo of the last scene – too gruesome – but it did remind me of RS’s injured rib.  He may not remember how he hurt his rib, but now we know. (Just kidding.)

He sure likes to play  creepy roles (think the freaky Dr. Irving Pitlor on “True Detective” in 2015 and Lucifer on “Supernatural” last year) and he’s disturbingly good at it. (Could this be a hint of what his upcoming new CD “The Snake King” is going to represent, some kind of creepy character?)


Fortunately there was a good character in the mix these past few years (Greg from “Ricki and the Flash.”)


Ricki and the Flash

Now I need to erase the image of Pastor Charles from my head and think of RS in my favorite role.


OK, that’s better. Now I can sleep tonight.

Introducing Dr. Noah Drake… 36 years ago today

Thirty-six years ago today, Dr. Noah Drake walked into General Hospital in Port Charles and the wonderful RS fan(s) that post on the rsandus YouTube page (and put together the Rick Springfield and US fan site), have worked to present those days of “General Hospital” in real time (only 36 years later). The clips only include the RS scenes.

He’s so cute. I was 11 when this first aired. He was 31. Sixteen years younger than I am today. That’s so weird, can’t think about that too much so I’ll just watch and enjoy.

RS on Supernatural


Just finished watching “Supernatural” “Mamma Mia” episode with Rick Springfield. Wow.

Since it was my first time watching the show, I didn’t know what was going on with the brothers/mom storyline, but I thought Rick Springfield did an amazing job in switching between the characters of distraught rock star Vince Vicente and Lucifer.

Although I’ve spent much of the past couple of years catching up on RS’s music, I haven’t done the same with his acting career, although I did watch the “Californication,” “Drop Dead Diva” and “Hawaii Five-O” episodes on Netflix, as well as the “True Detective” scenes and of course “Ricki and the Flash.” My favorite character is Greg on “Ricki and the Flash,” but I have to say that he does a great job of creepy (“True Detective”), narcissistic (“Californication”) and scary/evil (“Supernatural”).

For anyone who missed it, The CW now has the whole episode online. Click here to watch.

(Oh and a quick #FlashbackFriday – one year ago tonight, RS was at the Arizona State Fair and two of my sons sang “Don’t Talk to Strangers” with him. And four nights from now one year ago, I was at the RS concert in Vegas. Aw, good memories.)


Supernatural hotness

There’s so much going on in my mind right now that I can’t sleep. Images of shirtless Rick Springfield from his concert at the Arkansas State Fair this past week are mixed with images of him playing the devil in tonight’s “Supernatural” episode.

The part of my brain that deals with everyday life – work, carpools, homework, parent-teacher conferences, housekeeping, grocery shopping, scheduling dentist appointments, bedtime routines, etc. – has short-circuited due to an overload issue so all I have left is the brain power to contemplate the awesomeness that is Rick Springfield.

Maybe it is a long-term effect of having my bedroom walls plastered with posters like this one:


I wonder if there have been any studies done on the effects of poster-covered walls on brain development during one’s formative years.


My actual bedroom wall, circa the early ’80s. The photo is so old that it has faded.

It’s quite possible that having someone’s face greet you every morning when you wake up and stare at you as you fall asleep permanently alters your subconscious mind. Especially when it’s supplemented with listening to that person’s music over and over again during those formative years.

That would actually explain a lot.

Music, TV, movies and more

Rick Springfield in “The Incredible Hulk”

What do the following shows have in common? “Six Million Dollar Man,” “Wonder Woman,” “Rockford Files,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Suddenly Susan,” “Drop Dead Diva,” “Californication,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “Hot in Cleveland,” “True Detective” and “Supernatural.”

Answer: Rick Springfield was a guest star in all of them. (Thank you for the reference details.) I usually know when the repeats of these shows are shown because of all the tweets of exclamation in the Twittersphere: “Is that Rick Springfield on ‘The Incredible Hulk’?!!!!!”

From his first role in 1977 on “Six Million Dollar Man” (if you don’t count his animated character in “Mission Magic” from 1973-1974) to next month’s role as Lucifer in “Supernatural,” RS has been acting for nearly four decades. So although acting was initially more of a way to make money during slow times in his musical career – he has always said that music comes first for him – he still has quite an impressive IMDb profile.

He’s also acted in three films – “Hard to Hold” in 1984, last year’s “Ricki and the Flash” and the not-yet-released “Traces.”

Plus there’s TV movies, TV series, ( “Human Target” in 1992 and “High Tide” from 1994 to 1997), two years of a Las Vegas show (“EFX,” 2001-2002) and even a stint on Broadway (“Smokey Joe’s Cafe” in 1999). He’s also featured in two documentaries: “Affair of the Heart,” made by fans about his impact on his fans’ lives, and “Sound City,” produced and directed by Dave Grohl.

Whoops, I’m already on the sixth paragraph of this post and I haven’t even mentioned “General Hospital” yet. Can’t forget Dr. Noah Drake, his most popular character and the role that catapulted his career along with the release of “Working Class Dog” in 1981.

Then there’s those 18 studio albums, too, with one Grammy award and eight songs charting in the Top 20 on the Billboard charts. And a bestselling memoir and a bestselling novel. Plus he’s still touring and producing new music.

And yet in many people’s minds, he’s a one-hit wonder soap opera star.

I just don’t get it.

The devil is in the details

Supernatural article TD (2)

The above article was posted yesterday about Rick Springfield’s upcoming role on “Supernatural.” The writing is fine, but there was one important thing missing: A caption to describe the photo. One line that says “Rick Springfield played a creepy doctor on ‘True Detective’ in 2015” or something to that effect. There is a photo credit at the end of the story that notes that the photo is courtesy of HBO, but I’m guessing few will make the connection that, “Wow, Rick Springfield looks horrible in this photo, what happened to him? Oh, the photo is courtesy of HBO so that must mean that he was in character in that photo.”

Sadly, people don’t often read the whole story, they just see the picture and make assumptions. And unfortunately, now that the Internet has made everyone a reporter, people assume those assumptions are true and over time they are transformed into “facts.” I’ve already seen some not very nice comments about the photo that shows that people assume that this is a current photo of RS rather than a look that took professional makeup artists a great amount of time to create.

I know this Rick Springfield advocacy may seem silly – because aren’t there more important things going on in the world? – but it’s really about the big picture (no pun intended). Misinformation is spread daily online and then people act upon this misinformation, and it often turns hateful and ugly.

There’s a saying that “the devil is in the details” and, in light of RS’s new role in “Supernatural,” it seems appropriate to include that message here.

Notes of nostalgia

Between adjusting to the back-to-school routine and some major changes at work, I totally missed the two-year anniversary of this blog.

Normally I would do recaps and reflections and yadda, yadda, yadda, but I’ve already done a few of those already (yes a few, even though it’s only been two years, since there’s the year-end recap and the anniversary recap).

So I’ll just type out a few notes of nostalgia and be done with it.

I remember so clearly that day at work two summers ago when I was checking the TV listings of our local PBS station to clarify information for our newspaper’s calendar. And then there at the bottom of the screen was a video promoting a recent interview with Rick Springfield. I knew I’d have to check that out, and did so a couple of evenings later. I was shocked to find out he had just released a novel and before that, an autobiography. Although I was a huge fan when I was younger and still cranked up “Jessie’s Girl” when it came on the radio, I hadn’t followed his career in years and had no idea what ever became of him.

I immediately put both books on hold at the local library and did some Googling to find out what he’d been up to. Watching YouTube interviews brought back so many memories that had long been buried, such as song lyrics and the way RS used to lick his lips during interviews.

After reading his documentary, “Late, Late at Night,” I recreated my reading experience by putting together a little blog with links to the videos illustrating some of the stories he told: Late, Late at Night Musical Journey. Next I started this blog, My Rick Springfield Crush, because I was so excited about rediscovering my favorite rock star, but nobody else in my real life was all that interested. I never imagined that two years later – and 212 posts later (this one is #213) I’d still be writing it. I had no idea there’d be so many new things to write about: two CDs (The “Stripped Down CD/DVD” and “Rocket Science”), two movies (“Ricki and the Flash” and “Traces”), TV shows (“True Detective” and “Supernatural”), as well as numerous interviews and concerts.  And even when I formally ended the blog about 20 posts ago, I still found myself coming back to write more.

The same week I saw that initial interview in July 2014, I learned that he would be in town for a concert a few days later, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to afford the tickets (and I also found out he’d been in town earlier in the year to promote “Magnificent Vibration” at a local bookstore. Obviously I was oblivious.) Nearly two years later, I was in the second row at the same venue and got a picture with him after the show. In between those two shows, I had seen him in concert five other times – briefly meeting him twice. I guess you might say I got a little hooked (Or you might say something else. Whatever).

Well, this post became a little more recap-y than I intended and I haven’t even written anything about RS has inspired me in other aspects of my life. Fortunately if anybody is interested, it’s already been covered in previous posts. You can even start back down in the August 2014 archives and read all the way back up to today if you want to. There are lots of good RS pictures and videos embedded along the way.

For anyone who is still reading (the current number of all-time views is 15,613, which means there are LOTS of people searching for information about Rick Springfield), thank you.