Back on stage

After a slow start to being back in concert earlier this year after testing positive for COVID, RS came back full force this month – with three different types of concerts in four days – one full-band rockin’ show, one Stripped Down solo acoustic storytelling show and one with a symphony orchestra. (Plus another acoustic show tonight so really four concerts in less than a week.)

Thank you to all those fans who shared videos and photos from these three shows (and some even got to meet him before the concert!).

According to online reports from concert-goers, RS said that this past symphony show might be the last one. Such a bummer! I’m sure it’s lots of work but I was hoping I would make it to one of those shows. Fortunately I’ve seen some videos from those concerts but it must be amazing to be there in person. (Plus, there’s the suit look, too… You can see what I mean in this great review of the Atlanta symphony concert in All Music Magazine.)

More shows coming up this year are listed on (For a full tour schedule from the past few decades, check out