My evenings with Rick Springfield

I’ve spent a few evenings with Rick Springfield over the past couple of weeks. Although it’s been a one-sided conversation – him reading his audiobook on a CD and me listening to it as I cook and wash dishes in my kitchen  – it’s been enjoyable nonetheless.

I already read his memoir, “Late, Late at Night,” but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to listen to him read it, too. I wonder what it was like to record all those hours of intimate details – I’m guessing it was a rather emotional, yet cathartic experience. I really admire his honesty in what he revealed – what a life he has led!

After I started listening to his book, I’ve also been curious about my fascination with this man. What makes a person feel a connection with somebody they don’t know and what has made it last so long? I pondered this concept over the past couple of weeks and wrote this song. It has a melody but my guitar playing is rusty so I’m just including the lyrics here.

My Rick Springfield Crush Revival

I thought I was through with my teen-fantasy phase
When his music and image dominated my days
But one morning in my 40s I awoke to find
It was merely lying dormant all of this time

My Rick Springfield crush revival
I can’t explain this sudden arrival
My Rick Springfield crush revival
It’s like I’m 13 again

From a fan club to posters
Covering my wall
Cassettes and records
Completely enthralled
Now it’s Facebook and YouTube
And sometimes a tweet
Does he post them himself?
If so, that’s so sweet

My Rick Springfield crush revival
I’m moved by his lyrics and his stunning smile
My Rick Springfield crush revival
It’s like I’m 13 again

I’ve screamed at his concerts, watched him on TV
Autographed album and Karma CD
Met him for a moment, yes we shared the same space
I’m sure that I had a silly grin on my face

His audiobook brought his voice to my ear
Sharing intimate details of which I wasn’t aware
Spent hours together as the CD spun round
Though I lowered the volume when my kids were around.

My Rick Springfield crush revival
So many years later, he still inspires
My Rick Springfield crush revival
It’s like I’m 13 again.

Update: Here’s a recording of the song – February 2015


A wall in my bedroom, circa 1980s.