Some Sirius-ly good stuff

For those who subscribe to Sirius XM, you may have already enjoyed the Thanksgiving Virtual Town Hall featuring Rick Springfield hosted by Mark Goodman. The show includes an interview, questions from fans (who got to be on a Zoom call with him) and song performances.

First of all, I love that Mark Goodman is on this ’80s on 8 channel, as MTV was an important part of my formative teen years (although we didn’t have cable at home, I took whatever babysitting jobs I could, with those homes with MTV being a top priority). RS performs the standard songs – including “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and “I’ve Done Everything for You” – as well as “Little Demon” and Todd Rundgren’s “Love is the Answer.” He discusses his work during the pandemic, ‘General Hospital’, Zoot, his depression, why he became an ordained minister, Thanksgiving and much more. Since those on the call are die-hard fans, there were some great questions (and nobody asked about ‘the real Jessie’s girl’ – yay!) Plus you can watch the video of the interview so it’s good to see him!

The good news for those who don’t subscribe to SiriusXM, is that it’s offering many of its channels for free through Dec. 1 (and one of the channels is the ’80s station with this interview). Learn more here.

It’s not the first time RS has been on the channel so you can also find past interviews about “The Wall Will Fall” and “The Snake King.” I haven’t listened to them all yet, but I plan to.

Maybe someday there will even be a Rick Springfield channel! Between all his albums, covers, interviews and Zoot songs, there’s a lot of material there.

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