Happy 71st birthday, Rick Springfield

Nobody knew 71 years ago today what would become of that baby born in Sydney, Australia, but he sure made an impact on millions of people worldwide!

When you think of how many people he has touched with his songs, his music and acting, his writing, his philanthropic work – and the countless people he inspired and encouraged along the way, his impact is immense (and he still looks great doing all of this).

Happy birthday to Richard Lewis Springthorpe (aka the legendary Rick Springfield)!

My cousin mentioned on Facebook today that NASA has images captured by the Hubble Telescope and if you enter your birth date, you can see an image they captured on that day (not necessarily the year, but the date). Since I saw her post today, I thought I’d share the image NASA posted for Aug. 23. This photo was captured on Aug. 23, 2013:

Galaxy Cluster Abell 2744

Located 3.5 billion light-years away, Abell 2744 (also known as Pandora’s Cluster) contains several hundred galaxies and might be a pile-up of at least four smaller galaxy clusters. Abell 2744’s strong gravitational field acts as a lens, brightening and magnifying the light of nearly 3,000 distant background galaxies.

Just like Abell 2744, RS has a strong gravitational field that brightens and magnifies the light of the distant galaxies (or the cities around the world where his fans live).

Too corny? Oh well, that’s just the way I feel today.

Happy birthday, RS!

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