Remembering a fellow RS fan

About six years ago, a fellow RS fan put together a fitness competition, where fans could “compete” against each other through fitness competitions. During one of these 2017 fitness challenges, she set up two-person teams and the team who got the most steps in over a two-week period won a prize.

I was paired up with Jenni and we ended up winning the challenge (and the prize) – 379,921 steps in 14 days. During those two weeks, we exchanged encouraging FB messages and she was always so kind. At the end of the challenge, I received a prize package that included an item from the coordinator’s personal collection – a signed “Speak to the Sky” 45 record (thank you, Tracey!!). An example of Jenni’s kindness is that Tracey only had one copy of this 45 and Jenni had told her to send it to me because she already won a prize package and already had a lot of signed items.

Another time, a couple of years earlier, I had mentioned in this blog how I heard that RS had played a new song at a Stripped Down concert and I mentioned how badly I had wanted to hear it. Jenni happened to be at that concert and had a video of him playing that song and she sent me the video (and her permission to share it), which is another example of her kindness, especially since we didn’t know each other at all at the time. (See the post here, although the link to the video is no longer active.)

We haven’t corresponded much, but we’ve been Facebook fans since then and occasionally liked each other’s posts. She had been experiencing some serious health issues and sadly, I found out that she died earlier this week. She was an administor in one of the RS FB fan groups and had lots of friends in the group. Rowdy Ron is holding a raffle on a special tribute radio show on Feb. 5, which will include raffle items for those who donate for the memorial GoFundMe for Jenni (Milton Hall), to assist her family with expenses.

Sending strength and comfort to all of Jenni’s family and friends at this sad time. Rest in peace, Jenni. Thank you for all your kindness.


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