Las Vegas residency, action figures, tribute shows and a new album

Recent RS news includes a Las Vegas residency (starting with two shows, which doesn’t really sound like a residency, but according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, RS may be exploring the idea to have a Las Vegas residency, similar to what Sammy Hagar (his Beach Bar Rum partner) did in 2021 and 2022. “This is a thing where I want to test it out, see how it goes, see if I can stay in one place for a while,” he said in the article, “Rick Springfield brings another ‘residency’ to Las Vegas.”

These shows are March 25-26, 2023 at The Strat:

With top hits spanning across multiple decades, Rick Springfield delivers an unforgettable, electrifying performance and his loyal fans and fans of rock and roll will travel far and wide to see him perform live,” said Adam Steck of SPI Entertainment. “Both shows will focus on Rick’s anthemic hits and deep cuts, and we can’t wait for him to rock The STRAT!

There’s also a mention of his new (18-song!!!) album scheduled to come out next year with one new song title, “Come, Said the Girl.”  Whoo-hoo, can’t wait to hear more about that. I imagine it’s a bittersweet process, with the recent loss of Matty. RS is dedicating a few of the Working Class DJ shows to Matty’s memory and said on a recent show that he’s putting together a show with some of the records that Matty worked on.

The article also mentioned EFX, the show where RS had his last Vegas residency in 2000-2002. I’m disappointed that I missed that period of RS fandom as I would have liked to see that show. In my dream last night, after reading the article, I went to a RS concert but instead of the normal rock concert, it was a full theatrical performance with costumes and songs I didn’t recognize, so maybe my brain was trying to re-create the experience for me. Thanks for the attempt, brain.

RS’s keyboardist Tim Gross and his wife Melissa Neiderman started a YouTube show “PS Good News,” and recently posted their second episode which included a fan gift of action figures of RS and all the band members some inside scoop on the recent tour.


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas residency, action figures, tribute shows and a new album

  1. Wow, 18 new songs on the next album? Can’t wait! Sure, we got “Orchestrating my life” (studio + live), the singles “The wall will fall”, “Welcome to your bright new world”, his performance on Badfinger´s “Love is gonna come at last”, the “Jack Chrome”-album, the “Red Locusts”-album and the internet-only song release of “That was then” (what a great song!) and the 40th anniversary WCD. But this will be the first new strictly RS album since 2017´s “The Snake King”. – So, yeah, bring it on, please. And announce it this year… maybe for a January release?

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