“Jessie’s Girl” came on the radio yesterday and the woman next to me told me she was a big fan of Rick Springfield and has seen him in concert countless times since 1982. I told her I was a fan, too.

She said the last time she saw him was last year and she named a local casino. Um, no, I thought, he didn’t play there last year. I didn’t say that, of course, but I had seen him the last five times he performed in Arizona over the past two years and that wasn’t one of the places. I didn’t say that, either. Nor did I mention that it looked like it was a great show in Milwaukee the evening before nor ask if she also thought he looked good in red (which he wore at the Milwaukee show, as shown in video clips on FB the night before).

After that conversation, it dawned on me that for the past two years or so since starting this blog, I’ve been hyper aware about where in the world Rick Springfield is at any given time. (And I mean that in a general, non-stalker way during his touring/promoting his latest project time, NOT in his personal life time  – except for when photos appear on social media during those times.)

I’m not sure how I came to this point, from being completely oblivious about RS’s career to following it on pretty much a daily basis. Maybe because he’s been so busy these past couple of years that there’s lots to follow – new music, touring, acting, talk shows, etc. Then there’s also the airport/airplane or restaurant sightings that people post on social media.

If I ever had the opportunity to ask RS questions about his life, this topic would be one of them. Since his career has fluctuated so much, how has that affected his being recognized in public? During the 1980s, a RS sighting could have caused mass hysteria in certain crowds. Yet in the late 1980s/early 1990s when he wasn’t in the spotlight, was he still approached by fans when he was out and about? Could he eat with his family at a restaurant without being disturbed? Was he able to depart the Los Angeles airport without being accosted by TMZ reporters?

Some people are avid fans of sports teams and follow them religiously, others faithfully watch TV shows and then analyze the episodes with other fans afterward.  I suppose this is no different, although I often find myself metaphorically biting my tongue so I don’t talk about it too often. Thank goodness I can get it out of my system on this blog and if you’re reading this, maybe you can relate.

#TBT Where’s all the love?

Somebody posted on Facebook today that “Wait for Night” came out this month back in 1976. That made me nostalgic for that album so I did a little googling and came across this video. I thought I’d share it since I had never seen this before and thought others might enjoy it, too.

Such 70s delight, from the clothing to the hairdos. All those girls sitting right next to him in all his singing, unbuttoned-shirt glory. None of them, including RS himself, knowing who he would become. Singing about his desire for love only a few years before meeting the woman who would become his wife of more then 30 years and counting. So sweet. 

And here’s “Jessica,” before the loosening of the tie and unbuttoning of the shirt. Did that happen during the commercial break? There’s even a disco ball sighting. 

April 24

The date can’t go unacknowledged. Sending comforting thoughts through Cyberspace to RS and his brother. Hope you feel them coming your way from all your fans.

Translation of admiration

Embed from Getty Images

Thanks to social media, RS fans have been able to follow his Rock Meets Classic tour in Germany these past few weeks (it started March 30 and ends April 18). There have been RS/RS official photos posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and his fan club diary, as well as a live stream video from Berlin and various concert videos and photos on RS fan Facebook pages. It’s so great that some of his European fans got this opportunity to see him perform!

(The We Love Rick Springfield fan site put together a great page with more details about the tour and a gallery of fan photos.)

News reports have been a little more difficult to follow, as they are in German, but thanks to Google Translate, it’s possible to get the basic idea (I am not sure how accurate the translations are, but at least it’s something.)

According to Kalle-Rock-Berlin, he “conquered the grandstand” and knows how to work a guitar with a bouquet – “that was pure rock n’ roll.” “The man has a grandiose voice and can play a damn brilliant guitar.” Here’s the full translated text:

Then came the special guest of the evening to his first appearance.
On Rick Springfield many people were happy, he was a few years ago in the city to a performance. Damn … the guy may rock. I have to confess, I have never been busy with him so far and I was all the more surprised, As the stage has seized. With a bright guitar, I went to “I’ve Done Everything For You”. Rarely has a musician thrown as many Plectren into the crowd as he did in the first two minutes. So Rick had to use his Plecs during the song at Mat. First female supporters brought flower bouquets to the stage and handed them to Rick. What he did then was simply too cool. He used them to play the guitar. Rarely has a musician so geil worked a guitar with a bouquet like him. The leaves flew only through the area. That was pure Rock’n’Roll! With “Don’t Talk To Strangers” and “Celebrate Youth”, he then made the right decision, but unfortunately the break had already taken place, and the first 70 minutes passed surprisingly fast. All the musicians have so convincingly, the sound brilliant and the light for great mood. The audience was delighted.  …

20 minutes break were over, the dates for 2018 noted (among other things 11.04.2018 in Berlin) and the orchestra took place. The band was also on site and at the beginning of the second half there was a medley from “Living On A Prayer” and “It’s My Life”. The songs are from Bon Jovi, of course, and you can tell whether the rock star is not a candidate for the event. But before anyone could speculate, Rick Springfield was back on stage and played “Human Touch”. He took the song very precisely and suddenly went from the stage to the crowd. Rick whispered through the seats, sang on chairs and conquered the grandstand. No one had expected that. Was this planned? It was a lot of fun for the fans and himself. The man has a grandiose voice and can play a damn brilliant guitar. With “Love Somebody” and his Welthit “Jessie’s Girl” went on and the fans celebrated their idol.

From N-News on the Wurzburg show:

Special Guest Rick Springfield, also already 67, which one does not regard him at all, was the next Act. The musician from Australia heated up the audience. His 1985 hit “Celebrate Youth” was the last song before the break. Rick Springfield’s cool inlay: He used a bouquet of roses as a pick. Rick Springfield went on after the break. Suddenly, he jumps off the stage and walks up with the fans. Dance with them, and climb over the chairs in the middle of the audience. It makes it visibly fun and the audience like it, of course. With “Jessie’s Girl” Rick finished his part.

I included this in a previous post, but it also fits here, so I’m including again, since “he masters all the rules of the entertainment, leaves the stage, goes into touch with the fans and rises above the chairs of the arena.” From Mittelbayerische:

With Rick Springfield , a real Sonnyboy comes on stage. Despite his age, the man has lost none of his power and charisma. He gives the ramp and starts with “I’ve Done Everything For You”. That rocks and Springfield also shows that he can play the guitar. He uses a bouquet of roses as a plectrum and thus ensures beautiful show effects. At “Celebrate Youth” he starts an intro. The guitar is out of tune, the musician laughs “fuck it” into the microphone, straps it off and pushes it across the stage to his roadie. It goes without. After the song is paused anyway.

In the second part, continue with Springfield. He masters all the rules of the entertainment, leaves the stage, goes into touch with the fans, rises above the chairs of the arena. The man is really having fun and the hall is not only playing “Jessie’s Girl”.

And from Volksfreund for the Trier show:

“Rick Springfield, who had not heard so much since the 80s, had the greatest surprise. He hugged a visibly admired admirer in the front row, played the audience, threw roses around him and had an almost childlike joy at the gig – not just at “Celebrate Youth” and “Jessie’s Girl”. Unbelievable that Springfield is already at the end of 60!”

Rick and the NEWSflash radio

In addition to the five-year anniversary of the “Affair of the Heart” documentary being this month, now a RS fan radio show is debuting this weekend. Exciting stuff, along with the tour of Germany with the Rock Meets Classic show – both RS tourist and concert photos from Germany, as well as the live feed from Berlin. Sure beats my house this week, which is a combination of house painting (after the water damage), matzah (it’s Passover) and balancing work and my kids’ spring break. Definitely fantasizing about the rock star lifestyle this week.

Information posted on Facebook about the radio show:

Rick and the NEWSflash Radio will broadcast non-stop starting on April 14th-16th the music of Rick Springfield and Friends – independent music artists who have opened for or worked with Rick in some capacity.
We also celebrate the 5th Anniversary release of the rock documentary – An Affair of the Heart: Rick Springfield Documentary. A special DJ Rowdy Ron 2012 interview with Rick Springfield will be broadcasted.
****Broadcast time 1200AM PST Friday 4/14/17 to 9PM PST Sunday 4/16/17 ****
The music line up will feature Jeff Silverman, Joe Taylor, Erick Baker, Jennifer Lynn Simpson, Gabriel Katona, Paul Trudeau, Kaya Nicole, Dauzat St. Marie, Ken Sharp, Niclas Lundin, Joey Hyde, Alex Hall , Jason Charles Miller, JTX, Kenny Charles, Dustin Walker & Michael Springthorpe.
SAVE the below link to enjoy online. (Android users, please use Firefox or Chrome on computer web browsers).

Karma release: 18 years ago – and I was there!

Today is the 18th anniversary of the release of Rick Springfield’s “Karma” CD, which is very significant in RS history because it marks the return to his touring after a hiatus of more than a decade.

What is especially cool about this (to me, anyway), is that I was there when it happened! Because I wasn’t up on my RS history at the time – or when I started writing this blog – I didn’t realize that the day I first met him was the exact day “Karma” was released (and the day he signed my copy of “Karma”).

IMAG0918 - Copy

Here are two of my past blog posts about that day: “Rick’s Return” and “Meeting Rick Springfield.”


Didn’t know it at the time, but here’s a pic from a significant day in RS history: The Wherehouse in Los Angeles, April 13, 1999


I also learned this morning that this month is the fifth anniversary of the “Affair of the Heart” documentary.

Here’s a great anniversary video about the documentary:

Stripped Down two years tonight

Two years ago tonight, I was hanging out with Rick Springfield.

OK, maybe “hanging out” is an exaggeration, but I did spend the evening in his presence. First during his “Stripped Down” show in Tucson and then during my longest interaction ever with him (I’ve “met” him four times – once in 1999 for an autograph at a music store, once in 2015 for a pic at a meet and greet, two years ago tonight and once last summer for a two-second selfie.)

I wrote about the actual encounter two years ago (click here  to see that post), but it was so close to not happening at all, so I treasure it even more.

My family and I were going through a difficult time financially – my husband was in the process of looking for a job and buying tickets to the show in Tucson (a two-hour drive) seemed irresponsible because we had so many other expenses. Then our fridge broke and tickets for a concert weren’t even a possibility.

Then on the afternoon of the show, my husband heard back from one of the jobs he had interviewed for and he called me to let me know he got the job. And my mother-in-law was in town staying at our house so she could be there with the kids. My dad lent us money for the tickets (he probably would have anyway, even without the job offer, but it didn’t seem right to ask before we knew funds would soon be coming in). My husband knew how badly I wanted to go to the concert so a few hours before it started, we bought tickets and headed to Tucson for the evening.

It was a wonderful show and although I don’t even remember exactly what I mumbled to RS after the show, he laughed and gave me a big hug so that was nice. I even remembered to introduce him to my husband and they shook hands.

It’s kind of funny that these few minutes left images imprinted in my mind (in addition to the photo that captured our brief encounter) and here I am recounting it two years later, yet to RS, it was just one more night of work and one more visit with devoted fans hanging around after the show. I hope he realizes how much these little encounters are treasured by his fans and how much they are appreciated.

RS Marquee-Tucson

Live from Germany

I just wanted to reflect for a moment on the coolness of what just happened.

I was folding laundry on a sunny Phoenix spring afternoon and took a break for a few minutes to watch my favorite rock star perform live with a symphony orchestra in Berlin, along with thousands of other RS fans from around the world.

Pretty amazing.

It sounded so great – and thanks to those who made it happen.

Now back to the laundry.

See it here. (The concert, not the laundry.)

A mysterious message from Germany

This mysterious message appeared across RS social media sites yesterday, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

This is a sweet distraction from real life, which is a bit crazy at the moment, so I embraced the distraction.

What could this be? Will he be performing one of his new songs live? Will he be performing a song in German? When he says “Saturday afternoon,” what does he mean by that? There’s a nine-hour difference between Phoenix and Berlin so afternoon in Berlin is  pretty early in the morning here. Hmmm… It’s about 1 a.m. in Berlin as I am writing this so we should probably get an update in a few hours…

OK, that sounded a little neurotic, I realize that. But RS crushes are apparently all the rage these days so it’s OK.

Actress Helen Hunt recently shared her attempt at dating RS back in the 1980s:

And apparently Kellyanne Conway, adviser to President Trump, also had a thing for RS, revealing in her high school yearbook that she was destined to kiss Rick Springfield at least once.

Anyway, it’s been fun following the “Rock Meets Classic” tour in Germany via social media. Some of the Google-translated stories are pretty amusing, too, such as this one, titled:

How the old sings… In the ‘Rock Meets Classic,’ well-dressed rock stars can once again celebrate some of their old hits. Not everyone has passed the past decades well.”

And how does RS hold up in that reporter’s eyes?

“But as Rick Springfield has managed to keep himself as slim, wiry and agile at the age of 67, his secret remains. In him the tooth of time has forgotten to gnaw….”

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off for now – there was an incredible flashback in time posted on the Rick and the NEWSflash Facebook page today: The audio of that little record that was included in the Fan Club package in 1982. I played it on the stereo of my car as I drove to pick up my kids from school and listening to it literally brought tears to my eyes. I most likely haven’t listened to it for more than 30 years and I was overwhelmed by the idea of listening to that message that I had received in the mail so long ago. When you think about it, it’s rather mind-blowing. He recorded a record in the Sound City Studios right before “Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet” was released and at some point in the 80s I heard it for the last time. And then the next time I hear it, it’s coming out of my car radio on Bluetooth from my cell phone as I’m picking up my kids from school. Where did the time go?

Update: As I was writing this, this update was posted:

‘Sonnyboy’ in Germany

Here’s a Google-translated Mittelbayerische review of RS’s performance at the Danube Arena show in “Rock Meets Classic” in Germany:

Sonnyboy with lots of power

With Rick Springfield , a real Sonnyboy comes on stage. Despite his age, the man has lost none of his power and charisma. He gives the ramp and starts with “I’ve Done Everything For You”. That rocks and Springfield also shows that he can play the guitar. He uses a bouquet of roses as a plectrum and thus ensures beautiful show effects. At “Celebrate Youth” he starts an intro. The guitar is out of tune, the musician laughs “fuck it” into the microphone, straps it off and pushes it across the stage to his roadie. It goes without. After the song is paused anyway.

In the second part, continue with Springfield. He masters all the rules of the entertainment, leaves the stage, goes into touch with the fans, rises above the chairs of the arena. The man is really having fun and the hall is not only playing “Jessie’s Girl.”

(Note: Here’s the Urban Dictionary’s top definition of Sonnyboy:

Very Rare; Secretly very talented person; Lovable; Someone who has very great personality.
Younger person with great admiration for;of Someone who makes your days brighter; brings life; Someone you have great love for.)

He also did an interview with Germany’s Frankenpost in advance of the concert that covers his teen idol period, acting and a mention of his upcoming album. This answer was particularly funny (translated via Google Translate):

So !: What songs will you present on the tour “Rock meets Classic” in Germany?

Springfield: That’s a very good question. I wish I knew the answer. I will leave it to my fantastic manager to pick the pieces. However, I certainly will not play “Born to Run.

And now for some “Rock Meets Classic” videos (thank you to those who shared these!):