Working Class DJ celebrates 100th show with tribute to Matty Spindel

This past weekend’s Working Class DJ show was a tribute to Matty Spindel, who was Rick Springfield’s sound master and friend. During the show, RS played songs by some of Matty’s favorite artists and said he may do another one that features songs that Matty worked on. (For example, he won a Grammy for Album of the Year for his work on Supernatural in 1999.)

RS mentioned that it was also the 100th Working Class DJ show, which I can’t independently verify but its second anniversary is coming up on Jan. 22 so that sounds about right. (This also means that it’s nearly the second anniversary of me getting the SiriusXM app, hmmm, coincidence?) Since the shows appear on the SiriusXM app for only a couple of weeks, I haven’t seen a full list and I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but it’s always nice to have that weekly dose of RS available.

He’s been able to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a DJ (which he mentioned in his first show) and fans get to hear from him once a week. Win/win.

Anyway, it was a heartfelt tribute to Matty and I think he would have appreciated it.


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