A new TV pilot: ‘It’s a Lot’

A new pilot episode of a show starring Rick Springfield is currently in the screening process!

The pilot of “It’s a Lot!” is a sitcom written by standup comedian Dan Rosenberg, who plays a used car salesman who is the son of a famous rock star who is bankrupt after six divorces (played by RS, of course), according to an an article in The Times.

According to the article, the idea for the show came to Rosenberg after attending a RS concert in Los Angeles in the early 2000s. He met RS backstage in 2012 after purchasing a guitar for a meet and greet and got a chance to share his pilot idea with him. RS encouraged him to keep trying but he almost gave up before a chance meeting with Barry Katz, a comedy-manager who liked the idea and agreed to help with the pilot. Soon after, Rosenberg got another backstage pass to hand RS “a hard copy of the pilot and a thumb drive of the next nine rough draft episodes” and RS agreed to film the pilot episode.

Isn’t that a cool story about never giving up?

According to the article, the next step after the screening process is trying to get the show picked up by a streaming service. I personally think there’d be lots of people who would be interested in watching!

For more information about the show, visit danrosenberg.com/itsalot


2 thoughts on “A new TV pilot: ‘It’s a Lot’

  1. Could be a very fun project, for us and for Rick, too.
    I‘m currently listening to WORLD ON FIRE (couldn’t stomach a story during a pandemic last year), and the perfect comic timing he displays should be a selling point for this pilot.

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