A song from the new album: ‘Godforsaken World’

Posted this morning on the Ambition Music Group Facebook page:

A video for one of the songs on “Jack Chrome ad the Darkness Waltz,” from The Morris Springfield Project. (Rick Springfield and Russell Morris): ‘Godforsaken World.’

Here’s what it says about the song on the Facebook post:

Warning: You may need a shot of “Rocket Science”* afterward to go about your day.

“The first song I wrote for the album and I poured all my darkness into it. It talks a bit about the plague we’ve been through. I look at all that’s going on in the world and I wonder, “Where’s God?” I see where evil is, but where’s God?” Rick

Other videos released so far:

Carmelita’s Dance

The Darkness Waltz

The album is scheduled to come out tomorrow (Oct. 15), but I’m not clear how to get it in the U.S. Does anyone know?

* ‘Rocket Science’ is considered to be Rick Springfield’s happiest album.


7 thoughts on “A song from the new album: ‘Godforsaken World’

    • It was on Spotify but not in US or Canada yet as I found out yesterday. I hit play and it was unavailable and that’s why I got Spotifyto start with.. I’m having a heck of a time ordering online. Hope it hits the North American music circuit soon

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      • I also haven’t found a way to listen to it from the U.S. One way is to order the CD from Australia, which is about $50 with shipping.


  1. My first impression: despite the darkness the music is at times emotionally uplifting. What a hauntingly beautiful album, with Rick once again adding another musical color to his wide ranging palette: blues with a hispanic influence. I must admit: I was a little bit scared before listening to this album because after the last two years in which my life was not only bitterly shaken up by the pandemic, I was dreading such a dark subject matter.

    But this album is a total masterpiece, highly emotionally picking all of us up at this dangerous and absurd moment in time, not shying away from the darkness but also discovering and highlighting the beauty of life.

    Rick Springfield is one of the greatest singer/songwriters since The Beatles. It´s high time that people wake up to this fact.

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    • Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! So glad to hear that, as I had similar concerns. I hope to be able to listen to it soon! (I agree with your last comment, as well… why aren’t more people aware of this?!)

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      • Some albums I have to listen to many times in order to appreciate the songs. Some albums I immediately find songs I connect with.

        “Crow with a crippled foot” is definitely the one I loved from the first time I heard it. What an irresistible melody, I would almost describe it as classic Rick Springfield.

        But really, the whole album is absolutely great. I do enjoy and appreciate Morris Day from having the idea for this album in the first place. But I get the feeling that Rick really injected the kind of songwriting and energy that gave it that special sound and impact.


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