Concerts on the calendar

Is it possible that we’re ready to emerge from our pandemic hibernation and start attending concerts again?!

It appears so, as this recently appeared on my news feed:

Pretty amazing, right?

So nice to see the announcement of a concert instead of a cancellation!

On the Macon City Auditorium website, it currently says it’s a “normal capacity” event and that “protocols for cleanliness and guidance from local and national officials will be followed at the time of the event.” Does that mean it will look like the photo in the ad or that “Human Touch” will involve RS going back into the audience? Not sure if we’re quite at that point yet, but September is still a few months away and more and more people are getting vaccines, so I suppose that’s possible. It looks like there’s also a show scheduled for June 12 in Ashland, Kentucky.

Additionally, it seems RS may be heading to Australia in the fall as well, as the Zoot reunion tour has been rescheduled from November 2020 to October 2021 and tickets are on sale for that.

Party at the Beach Bar

In other RS news, he and Sammy Hagar have been busy promoting Beach Bar Rum and have shared some other exciting concert news in a Forbes magazine article: “Sunday Conversation: Sammy Hagar and Rick Springfield on their rum business, wanting to tour together and taking over Catalina.”

The article mentions the “Party at the Beach Bar” song RS wrote (heard in this promotional video featuring fans here):

The article also talks about how they’ve been discussing residences in Las Vegas and on Catalina Island where they would perform and through big parties with a Beach Bar theme.

We’re planning a little residency in Vegas and a residency on Catalina, a place where you can set the party down and do it every weekend. Let the people come from out of town, experience a cool place like Catalina, a cool place like Vegas. Everybody knows how much fun you can have in Vegas when it opens back up.

Sammy Hagar on

That sounds fun!

From Zoot to Zoom

Coming up this weekend is a special Zoom event for those who purchased the new Red Locusts album. (Unfortunately I won’t be there since I didn’t purchase the album since I don’t have a turntable.) It’ll feature The Red Locusts, featuring those talented blokes Paul Ramone, Scotty Skuffleton and Skippy Skuffleton, who are seen rehearsing in a recent tweet:

Still hoping that the album will be available in other formats at some point because it would be great to hear it! Here’s what the Forbes article says about the project and others, including the dark one he mentioned in a previous interview that is scheduled to come out in November.

I’ve recorded two anonymous albums. One with a band I put together with Gregg Bissonette and Matt Bissonette. It’s very Beatle-driven, very pop, ’60s British Invasion. And I did another one, very dark, dark, dark album with a friend of mine in Australia about Day Of The Dead and then I’m writing my own stuff. 

Rick Springfield,

So there are a few things to look forward, too, in addition to his weekly stint as the Working Class DJ on SiriusXM, which are fun to listen to.

To anyone going to the Zoom event – have fun! I’ve received my two vaccine doses so I’ll be here waiting for an announcement of a local concert!

The Red Locusts on Red Vinyl

Have you heard about the new band The Red Locusts?

Apparently Rick Springfield has been sending copies of their album (literally an album – on red vinyl) to some of his friends, who say the singer sounds remarkably like him. Yet he denies it and instead says it’s a musician named Paul Ramone (who looks remarkably like RS, if you were to take away his mustache and Indiana Jones hat).

The other member of The Red Locusts is Scotty Skuffleton (any relation to “Skippy Skuffleton“? Hmmmm…)

Watch RS’s conversation with Vance DeGeneres (and meet “Paul Ramone” here.)

Mark Goodman (former MTV VJ now on SiriusXM), who has listened to Rick Springfield songs for decades now, also insists that The Red Locusts singer sounds a lot like RS. (Watch that here.)

Even RS’s dog Bindi and Matt Bissonette’s dog Buddy joined the conversation. (See that here.)

RS, who appears to be the official spokesman for “Paul Ramone,” shares some information about the new band and album here. (On a side note, did you know that Paul McCartney used the name Paul Ramon as a pseudonym during a 1960s tour? Totally random fact and probably just a coincidence, right?)

Here’s more about The Red Locusts, which is shared on the RS merchandise site.

This clear, red vinyl edition of The Red Locusts is sure to be a rare collector’s edition. Only 1,000 are available for this limited pressing and no more will be available. Each vinyl record comes with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed and numbered by Mr. Paul Ramone and Mr. Scotty Skuffleton. Shipping will be 5-7 days from order placement.

The cost for the red vinyl album is $139.00 (plus shipping).

For more information about The Red Locusts, visit

Track Listing:

  1. Under The Rainbow
  2. Another Bad Day For Cupid
  3. Sons And Daughters
  4. Miss Daisy Hawkins
  5. Honestly
  6. Glow Worm
  7. Insert Your Name Here
  8. Vanity Skies
  9. Deep Blue Sea
  10. Love Is Gonna Save The Day

No word yet whether the album will also be released on CD, on streaming apps or cassette tape.

P.S. Aren’t RS fans lucky that their favorite rock star is also an actor and that he has quite a silly side, which is so appreciated in the middle of a pandemic…)