‘The Year of the Dog’ is a busy one

Although it’s been nearly a year since Rick Springfield has been on tour, he’s been keeping busy in other ways. Like, lots of other ways. For instance, this week alone, there have been interviews about his new book “World on Fire,” the 40th anniversary of “Working Class Dog,” this weekend’s premiere of the “Orchestrating My Life” documentary, the filming of Jay Leno’s car show, a DJ gig, a special delivery of roses to a fan and an interview with an Australian station (which also featured his Australian accent…)

Through these interviews, we’ve learned about a new album by The Red Locusts, more stories about RS’s childhood and his desire to move back to Australia. He also talks about the importance of music in schools and how music saved him (and he often disses math, which my teenager 100% appreciates).

It’s so funny that so many interviewers will say things like “If my 10-year-old self would have known that I would be interviewing Rick Springfield….” Yep, he has lots of longtime fans! Here’s a recap of this week (at least what I know about)…

This weekend is the big premiere of the “Orchestrating My Life” documentary (A pay-per-view Valentine’s Day concert) that he performs with his band and students from the Santa Monica High School Orchestra. Here’s a great interview with Jodi Swenson, the director of the orchestra, and one of the students who performed in the show.

  • RS also made a special delivery for a lucky fan, delivering “Rick’s Roses” before the Valentine’s Day pay-per-view concert.

Although RS fans are eager to return to concerts, all of this definitely helps get through this challenging time!

3 thoughts on “‘The Year of the Dog’ is a busy one

  1. Long-time Rick fan from Germany here – you have a fantastic blog, thank you so much for compiling all the news! – One question: one of those interviews says he wrote TWO albums during lockdown. And you mention “The Red Locusts” and their darker album. But last year Rick talked about “The Locusts” and their very sunny, party “Beatles”-like album about to be released. Which is which?
    Thank you, and best wishes,


    • Hi Stefan,
      Glad you enjoy the blog, thanks for reading it! That’s a great question. I looked back at a previous interview and he did say there were two albums – one by The Red Locusts and one darker than “The Snake King” so I fixed it in this post since they may be two different ones. Regarding the Beatles-like album by “The Locusts”, a caller asked him about that (I think it was in the Sirius interview) and he wasn’t able to comment on it. Not sure why and if that same project was renamed “The Red Locusts,” but I hope we get to hear The Beatles-like album because it sounds great! Thanks for writing! LW


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