Sail-in concert and a sinking casino

In this crazy time, any fun distraction is appreciated, especially when it involves Rick Springfield.

Although his various live tours are all on hold for the moment (full band, solo acoustic, symphony and Zoot concerts), RS recently performed live to film a birthday bash boat-in for his buddy (and rum business partner) Sammy Hagar. They filmed it on Catalina Island in California, where some lucky people got to watch from their boats. The beach party will be featured on a pay-per-view stream this weekend, beginning at 6 p.m. on Oct. 17. To find out how to watch it, visit

RS also popped up in a video by The Postal Service band in support of HeadCount’s “Make Your Vote Count” campaign.

The scenario in the video is that the band is auditioning over Zoom for new members of the band and those “auditioning” include Huey Lewis, Anne Hathaway and Kenny G, among others.

In its coverage of the video, Paste Magazine named RS the overall MVP of the video:

He really sells the sadness and desperation of a man who lost all of his money on a floating casino in international waters that eventually sank, and now needs a job—any job—to stay afloat himself. Here’s a little reminder that Springfield isn’t just an ‘80s pop legend, but also a pro actor, with multiple movie and TV roles under his belt.

-Paste Magazine

RS’s part in the video comes at 13 minutes in.

With all this talk about boats and sinking ships, I thought I’d end the post with this:

Update on Oct. 16

One more (sinking) boat note: RS’s contribution to a Titanic exhibit on Catalina Island, at the Catalina Museum.

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