See ya, 2021

The year of “The Red Locusts,” “Jack Chrome and the Darkness Waltz,” and the 40th anniversary of “Working Class Dog” is coming to an end.

Fortunately it was a year of more un-cancelled shows then cancelled shows, which was a nice change from its predecessor, although it does look like the pandemic isn’t coming to an end any time soon so “World on Fire” (released in January 2021) is still pretty relevant.

Other RS highlights from this past year:

  • “Orchestrating My Life” concert film premiere via a pay-per-view event on Valentine’s Day.
  • Cover of “Love is Gonna Come at Last” on a Badfinger album.
  • RS got to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a DJ when he started the weekly Working Class DJ show on the Sirius XM ’80s on 8 channel.
  • A new Zoot song, “That Was Then.”
  • A return to live concerts, which included “fist-bump” human touches and at least a couple attempts to try “Human Touch” in the audience while wearing a hazmat suit and gloves.
  • An appearance on “Jay Leno’s Garage” along with his Corvette.
  • A virtual AARP concert celebrating the connection between music and brain health.
  • Interviews connected to the release of “Jack Chrome,” a collaboration between RS and Russell Morris, including several interviews with the Australian press,

He also filmed a PSA announcement for CalHope:

This year also marked the seventh year of this blog and to celebrate that, I wrote a new song and made a music video to mark the occasion. In other blog details, this is the 30th post this year, and there have been 7,629 visitors and 11,820 views (with an all-time total of 69,733 hits as of today.)

Some of the search terms that brought people to this site were “Rick Springfield” (duh), “Supernatural word crush,” “Joshua Springthorpe wedding,” “Rick Springfield looks younger,” “Rick Springfield Zoot,” “Red Locusts Rick Springfield” and “Swooning Chimp Snake.” (???!!)

The five most popular posts this year were “Coming soon: The Red Locusts,” “Introducing ‘Jack Chrome and the Darkness Waltz, ‘ “ “Twisted version on Californication,” “Working Class DJ” and “Wedding in Malibu, keynote in St. Louis.”

What can RS fans look forward to in 2022? So far there have been mentions of a “Working Class Dog” 40th-anniversary release, though I’m not sure of the details. I remember seeing something about the band being filmed playing the WCD songs in RS’s home so possibly a video and a CD? RS has also hinted that he’s been writing songs for a new album as well and that it would be more a lighter album then “Jack Chrome.”

Can anyone think of a RS lyric about time passing so quickly that you think something happened this past year but it actually happened last year? If so, that would be good to include here because there were a few things that I thought of would fit here in this retrospection but then discovered that it actually happened in 2020.

Thank you to RS for continuing to share your talents with your fans, thanks to the RS band and crew for going back out on the road to put out great shows and thank you to those fans who share their photos and videos from those shows.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022!