Sing us a song, piano man

It’s been fairly quiet on the RS front, at least from the fan onlooker’s point of view. He’s had some family time and a break from touring. The big news that was released was next summer’s tour with Chicago June 12-Aug. 1, 2020.

This week he hit the road (or the skies) for acoustic Stripped Down shows with Richard Marx and judging from some videos from those shows, it appears that perhaps he spent some of his downtime practicing piano. (Maybe on the piano from his parents’ home that he shipped from Australia?)

Check out this video from the rsandus YouTube page that captures “What Kind of Fool Am I?” on piano. Such a treat to hear the song in its entirety rather than part of the medley. There’s also video of him playing “State of the Heart” on piano (though not on YouTube yet.)

It’s not like piano is new to him, but it’s the first time I recall seeing him play it at a concert. His fan trips have a piano bar component where he and other musicians sit in the resort/ship bar and perform. For example, here are videos from a past cruise posted in 2008. (Ah, those innocent days before “Late, Late at Night” before knowing what “Wasted” was about.)

And this one from 2009. Those trips look like so much fun!

And this beautiful one from 2016 for “Ordinary Girl,” a song about his wife:

This talented guy never ceases to amaze me.

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