Searching for Rick Springfield

Although most of the search terms for this blog come up as “Unknown” – some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons – sometimes it’s amusing to see what search terms land people on this site. For example, two recent ones were “rick springfield injured by fan october 2015” and “rick springfield bloody legs.” One of my favorite search terms is “rick springfield shirtless 66.”

This year, the most popular search terms were related to “True Detective,” such as “Is Rick Springfield in True Detective?” “Rick Springfield’s hair,” “Rick Springfield True Detective Makeup” (and even “True Detective Rick Springsteen” – argh!)

Other people searched for information about “Ricki and the Flash”: “What is Rick Springfield doing now that he has finished ricki and the flash,” “gibson sg ricki and the flash” and information about the NYC screening.

When people were searching for details about his music and concerts, they were looking for lyrics for “Light This Party Up,” information about “Down” and “Walking In” (songs reportedly on his upcoming CD), when his new album is coming out (both its former name of “Mayhem” and its current name of “Rocket Science,”)  his tour bus, the story behind “My Father’s Chair,” and to ask “Is Rick Springfield still touring?” (The answer is definitely yes!)

Other people searched for information about the cost for his Club Med trip, his wife, his appearance on Live Aid, his appearance on the 2015 Country Music Awards, his birthday (I bet they were surprised to find it was in August after singing him “Happy Birthday” at an October concert), the “butt lawsuit,” meet and greets, and him selling his hair for charity.

It’s also kinda fun to note that the views for this blog (more than 4,800 so far this year) are in 57 countries. The majority are from the United States but there’s good representation from Canada and Germany, as well as some from Australia, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the Philippines, Spain and Japan. I even learned that there is a country called Jersey.

A quick update on the “rick springfield injured by a fan october 2015” and “rick springfield bloody legs” topic – although he cancelled one concert due to a “scheduling conflict” last week, apparently he’s OK because he did his “Stripped Down” shows that were scheduled later that week. Good timing on those shows, since he doesn’t have to jump around on stage. No word yet on whether the “Human Touch” portion of the full-band show (walking on chairs through the audience to get the “human touch” from fans) will continue, but the next full-band concert is scheduled for this Saturday night, so I guess we’ll find out soon!

Update: He did go out into the audience during “Human Touch” at the Nov. 7 show at the Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota. A collective sigh of relief could be virtually heard on the RS fans pages after this news was posted.

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