My inner teenager resurfaces

Once I learned that Rick Springfield wrote two books and was the subject of a documentary, signs of my inner teenager started to resurface. I put both books on hold at the library and went back to Googling so I could catch up. I was glad to hear that he’s been married to the same woman for all these years and happy to see the photos of him getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Late, Late at Night” was ready for me to pick up pretty quickly from the library (after all, most of his real fans have read it already since it’s four years old, I berated myself) and “Magnificent Vibration” still had a number of holds on it.

I picked up the autobiography the day I found out it was available and basically let the kids play video games all weekend so I could read it.

I read it with my phone nearby so I could check YouTube to watch videos of the different songs that he was writing about. I couldn’t find anything online already that provided a musical reference of the book so after I finished reading it, I felt compelled to create one. So in case anyone is looking, here’s the musical journey of “Late, Late at Night.

Every person has his or her own struggles and I really appreciated how he shared his own, which he revealed in the pages of his autobiography. Plus, despite that his life was not necessarily one I’d want my sons to emulate – as far as the rock star lifestyle goes – I think by being so honest and revealing, he may be able to help others get through difficult times in their own life, which is a beautiful thing to be able to do. Plus, there was something amazing about hearing him tell his story, very personal and it felt like being reconnected to someone I once knew. (I read a lot of Tiger Beat and 16 magazine stories about him back in the day so I, as I’m sure along with millions others, felt a connection even then.)

Soon after I finished reading his autobiography, I found the “Affair of the Heart” documentary on Netflix on a weekend afternoon and started to watch it immediately. What fun these women must have had making it! I was amazed to learn that there were so many people that devoted to Rick Springfield. It was so nice to learn that the focus of so much of my energy over the years was really a kind, good-hearted guy.

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