A new look for Rick Springfield

Last week there was a paparazzi photo posted on Twitter of Rick Springfield “shopping in Beverly Hills.” It didn’t really look like he was shopping, as he only had his phone in one hand and his keys in the other but that was how it was portrayed. He looked great but appeared a little annoyed that his picture was being taken.

But now there’s good news for RS – a new disguise for when he goes out in public so people won’t recognize him if he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Ready for it?


Pretty good disguise, right?

It’s actually an “after” photo for his upcoming role in “True Detective,” according to a site that is selling autographed containers of pieces of his hair for $750 that goes to charity. Here is the before picture:


Both of these looks – one creepy and one aging rocker (aka in this summer’s “Ricki and the Flash”) – show his willingness to transform himself for a role. With the TV show and the movie – not to mention the new CD and the new book, as well as a concert tour – coming this year, RS fans sure have a lot to look forward to!


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