Now that there’s been an announcement of this summer’s tour, the next round of interviews are bound to happen as RS heads to different cities around the country. And fans will undoubtedly hear variations of the following:

“I just heard an interview with that musician you like, what’s his name?  Rick Springsteen?”

I know, most people don’t pay that close attention to our favorite rock star as much as his fans do, but is it really that confusing? Is it only because they are both rock musicians who both have last names that start with “Spring” that people mix them up so much?

It’s usually harmless, albeit annoying, but there was a case earlier this year when an article posted about Bruce Springsteen cancelling a North Carolina concert was posted with a photo of RS. Whoops. But then there was some hateful posts against RS because of Bruce’s decision.

They did come into America’s spotlight around the same time. RS’s big breakthrough was in 1981 with “Working Class Dog” and Bruce’s cover story on Time Magazine (referenced in the 1980 RS song “Bruce”) was in  1975 after “Born to Run.”

They also entered the world the same year, a month apart: RS was born – as Richard Springthorpe – on  Aug. 23, 1949 and Bruce was born that year on Sept. 23.

They also both have a song called “Human Touch.”

But I still don’t get all the confusion.

Good thing RS seems to have a sense of humor about it (as his song “Bruce” seems to convey).

So here’s a tip for those who confuse the two: The title of Bruce Springsteen’s most well-known album and single is “Born in the U.S.A.” Rick Springfield was born in Australia.

Maybe RS should go back to using his Australian accent when doing interviews?


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