Rocket Science: the singles

In interviews, Rick Springfield has mentioned that he had no idea “Jessie’s Girl” was going to be the big hit off “Working Class Dog.” And now it’s one of the quintessential ’80s songs.

Since “Rocket Science” has so many good songs, it got me wondering which one(s) will make the most impact on the musical world.


So here’s a look at some ideas for the songs. I’ve included YouTube videos when available, but the songs are also available on Spotify. (You can also listen to the commentaries from the CD liner notes on Spotify.) (Update on May 3, 2016: I’ve learned that this post was mentioned in a podcast – whoohoo! Here’s the link: Rock and Roll Geek Show: Show 687. I also realized that this post would be a better stand-alone post about “Rocket Science” if it had more details about the songs, so I’m adding more links now.)

“Light This Party Up”: This song could be to party compilation playlists to what “Jessie’s Girl” is to ’80s compilations. It would work well during party scenes in movies or in beer commercials. But it’s not just a standard party song, it would go nicely in movies where a character who has been kind of a downer during the first part of the film eventually lightens up during a party scene. (Read more here.)


“Down”: Also a good candidate for a movie. During a flashback montage scene showing how one character was always there for the other character and then the second character decides he/she needs to make some bold move to show that he/she realizes how much the other character has done and now he/she is determined to never let them down. (More details here.)


“That One”: This break-up related song would also work well in a movie, in a scene when the protagonist realizes that he’s lost his girl to another guy. This would have been appropriate for Jessie to sing if “Jessie’s Girl” had been interested in RS. (If that would have happened, then we wouldn’t have the “Jessie’s Girl” song, so I guess everything worked out in the end.)

“The Best Damn Thing”: This is great for radio station call-in shows where people dedicate songs to their loved ones. This song is for the reformed jerk to dedicate to his girl.

“Miss Mayhem”: As RS describes it, “We have all met her/him at some point in our romantic past. A burning hot, amazing-in-bed, beautiful/handsome fucking whack-job! Aren’t they the BEST!!!” This one is great for cranking up loud in the car and singing along. Definitely good for a movie, probably an action-adventure one where “Miss Mayhem” does something totally crazy but the main guy character just can’t seem to resist her. (Read more details here.)

“Pay It Forward”: A feel-good song. This would be good as music to use for a slideshow video for a fundraiser where the nonprofit shows all the great work they do. Or in a movie montage when a group of kids get together to help others to raise money for a cause – showing scenes of them washing cars, having a bake sale, etc., so they can help whoever it is they are aiming to help. (More details here.)

“Found”: Ladies, admit it – you would have liked RS to have written this song about you. After all, your 30-second encounter with him at the meet and greet had a profound impact on you, why couldn’t it also have affected him in a similar way and inspired him to write this song about you? OK, maybe it sounds crazy, but in his liner notes about this song, he says it’s about fantasies, so fantasize away.

“Crowded Solitude”: A scenario for this song isn’t as clear. Maybe in a scene where somebody is driving out of a big city and the camera follows this person driving and driving to a more remote place?

“Let Me In”: One of my favorite songs off the CD. A movie could be written around this song. (More details here.)


“All Hands on Deck”: A very patriotic song, good for the Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Sept. 11.

“We Connect”: Good for a sci-fi thriller, when the good earthlings band together to fight the guys that are trying to take over the world.

“(I Wish I Had a) Concrete Heart”: Good song for a romantic drama. (Hear original song by Niclas Lundin here.)

“Earth to Angel”: Similar to “Light This Party Up” – not really a party song, but could be used when the downer character realizes that life is short and he/she makes a decision to do whatever it is that he/she does to give the movie a happy ending.

“Beautiful Inside”: (Bonus Track on Amazon and iTunes) Great inspiring feel-good song of encouragement.

Bonus songs on Best Buy CD: (according to the Best Buy  CD booklet, the stories behind the bonus tracks of “Mercy” and “Walkin’ In” are supposed to be on, but haven’t found them on the site. Has anyone else?)

“Mercy”: Catchy song, Good for an action-adventure-romantic-comedy.

“Walkin’ In”: Sweet, sentimental song for a romantic drama.

Feel free to comment on how you envision these songs!

(Note: From what I’ve read, YouTube views now count toward Billboard rankings and these videos look like approved versions, so they appear to be OK to post here, in case anyone was concerned.)

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